Once you've successfully purchased NFTs on Mogul, there are a number of ways you can both view and interact with them. We'll go through some of the possibilities below.


You can easily view any NFTs you've purchased through Mogul by heading to your Mogul Dashboard, and clicking the "NFTs Owned" button.

Here you'll see any Mogul NFTs you've previously purchased or been sent. Keep in mind, you will need to ensure your MetaMask wallet is connected, as this is where your NFTs are stored.

If you have multiple MetaMask wallets, you'll need to make sure you've connected the wallet that contains your Mogul NFTs as you can only connect one wallet with Mogul at a time.

On your NFT page, you can see more information on your NFT (Issue Date, Issue Number, and Total Supply) and click the small icon in the top right of each NFT to view it in OpenSea.

Once here, you will be able to view more information such as owner, contract address, and issue date. You can also use the external links to view the NFT off-platform.


At the moment it's not possible to add your Mogul NFTs to the MetaMask collectibles tab. Having said that, it seems that MetaMask will be releasing support for ERC1155 tokens in Q4 2021. We'll update this guide when that rolls around.

Other Wallets

For a while, we allowed Access Pass purchases with a number of other wallets. We have since decided to focus on building our own Smart Wallet while making MetaMask the only compatible wallet in the interim. This doesn't impact the delivery of your NFT, you will still receive the NFT and be able to interact with it on OpenSea.

However, if you plan to use any of the features on the Mogul Platform associated with your NFT, we would recommend either transferring your NFT to a MetaMask wallet or waiting until we release the Smart Wallet feature and transferring it there instead.

Here's a guide to setting up a MetaMask Wallet

Here's a guide to transferring your NFT from one wallet to another

NFT Marketplaces

When it comes to NFTs, whether or not they can be traded & viewed on other marketplaces is an important consideration. You will be able to view, sell, and buy Mogul NFTs on Opensea.io.

We are also working hard to create our very own NFT marketplace which we are very excited to show you all once it's complete.

You can read more about this in our other NFT guides in the FAQ section here.

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