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First of all, please make sure we don't already have an article that covers the subject you want to discuss. If we do have an article, but it doesn't cover everything, please do let us know so we can be sure to improve this for future users.

Live Chat

We use Intercom to provide live chat to our users. You can access this from either the Mogul Help Center, or the Mogul dashboard (after logging in). We're generally active on this channel from 8am - 6pm (PDT), Monday to Friday. Don't hesitate to get in touch if it's outside of those hours. We'll always respond as soon as we're able.


Telegram is our most active channel in terms of user numbers. There's generally always somebody around who's happy to give you a hand. We have a number of moderators and admins that should be able to help.

Having said that, if it's a particularly technical query, or you're not being answered for whatever reason, then you should default back to Live Chat.

Join the Mogul Productions Telegram channel here.


You can email us at This email address is monitored daily but it is considered a lower priority than the above channels.

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