Each Mogul Access Pass NFT grants the holder access to certain rewards. This means that if you are able to acquire an Access Pass NFT, you will become the beneficiary of these ongoing rewards.

If you'd like to get hold of an Access Pass NFT, you will need to purchase it on the open market. Initially, you will be able to do this on OpenSea. You'll also be able to purchase/trade these natively (and without gas fees) once the Mogul Productions NFT marketplace has been released.


  • Head to OpenSea.io and search for "Mogul Access Pass" (or click this link)

  • Figure out which specific NFT you want to purchase (there are 4 tiers, and each tier contains a limited number of identical NFTs) and browse through the listings to see which are up for sale, it's also worth taking a look at specific details like price history, whether there are outstanding buy offers, etc

    This area will be populated with useful information once it has trade history

  • If the NFT is up for sale, and you have sufficient ETH to cover both the price and the gas fee, you can go right ahead and purchase it.

  • Alternatively, the holder can decide to place their NFT up for auction, in which case you'd be competing against anyone else who's interested in acquiring these NFTs.

  • Finally, if the NFT you want isn't available for sale you may instead want to place a buy offer which will let the owner of that NFT know you are willing to purchase it for a given price.

Here's a comprehensive video on buying an NFT on OpenSea:

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