As of right now, much of the Mogul functionality is built with the ERC-20 token in mind. This is because the BSC bridge is a relatively new integration.

The primary reasons for bridging to Binance Smart Chain is so that our users can acquire STARS without the the relatively large gas fees or longer waiting times. It's also great for opening Mogul up to a new subset of potential users who may not have heard of us otherwise.

So to clarify what this means for you. If you have bought BEP-20 STARS tokens, you will need to bridge them over to ERC-20 tokens before they can be used for activities such as voting for movies, buying NFTs, bidding on auctions, etc.

This won't always be the case, and we will push out updates on this regularly. Here's another guide we wrote on how to bridge your STARS tokens from one chain to another:

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