This guide will cover the process of voting for your chosen movie in the Mogul Showcase (1st round took place from the 5th to the 19th of August)

Terminal Station won the first round of movie voting and will be going into production soon! The showcase is currently paused until the next round, which will be announced on our Twitter, Discord, and other channels.

Step 1

Sign up for, or log into your Mogul account ( Make sure you're on a PC / Laptop using Google Chrome & the MetaMask Chrome extension. We don't currently support the MetaMask mobile app.

Step 2

Connect your MetaMask wallet and make sure you have some STARS tokens to vote with, and ETH for the gas fee.

Gas fees can change frequently, so you may want to wait for a time of day when they are cheaper. Here’s a great resource to check current and historic gas prices:

Step 3

Decide which movie you like the look of and want to vote for on the Showcase page. You can find more details on each movie by clicking on View. We also have regular discussions about the various projects on our telegram channel ( in case you'd like to learn more.

Once you're happy with your choice, go ahead and enter the amount of STARS you'd like to vote with and hit the Vote button!

Step 4

A popup will appear, this shows the total votes, how many times you’ve voted for this project already, and any rewards that you’ve accrued (simply by voting and holding your STARS there, you gain rewards in STARS). Enter the amount of STARS you would like to vote with and then hit “Approve”.

Step 5

MetaMask will now open, and ask you to approve the Mogul contract (if this is your first time voting). This will incur a, one off gas fee (in ETH) in order to approve any future transactions. Once this is done, you’ll need to stay on this page and then hit “Vote”. This will trigger another MetaMask window, and another gas fee (in ETH). Only once you’ve approved this transaction will your vote be cast.

This image is a mockup, movies shown are just placeholders

More Assistance

There is a Mogul guide page which covers things like how to create a MetaMask wallet, how to buy STARS, etc. This can be found here:

If you still need help, you can use the chat feature (chat bubble, bottom right of the page you're on now), or join our Telegram channel ( for live support.

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