First, thanks for voting, it was a great turnout! Now that the showcase has finished, you'll likely want to go ahead and remove your STARS from the voting contract back to your wallet. This guide will walk you through that process.

  • Go to the Showcase page and connect your wallet (make sure you're on the Ethereum Network)

  • Click Collect Rewards on the movies you voted for. This will show you how many STARS you contributed, and your total rewards.

  • Hit "Collect All Rewards" and this will initiate a MetaMask transaction to withdraw your STARS.

  • Make sure to set the gas fee at a reasonable level. You need to be careful not to set it too low, or the transaction will fail and you may lose some of the gas fee in the process.

  • Confirm the transaction in MetaMask (after checking you are okay with the gas fee) and that's it, you've just claimed your tokens and rewards all at once.

You can always reach out on the Mogul Telegram channel, or on live chat if you'd like to find other ways to make use of your STARS:

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