The goal of this guide is to walk you through the various ways you can interact with the new NFT Marketplace. This is a broad overview, and further guides will be released to tackle all of these subjects in more detail. Please refer to the links at the bottom of this page, or return to the FAQ page to see the full list of guides.

Buying / Bidding - Full Guide

  • To begin with the Marketplace will be a platform for the sale and auction of NFT drops and releases. However the below sections detail the additional features we will be adding in the foreseeable future.

  • Our first NFT drop (Reboot Camp Collection) will be denominated in ETH and mostly consists of a number of 24 hour auctions (16th Sep 9am PT - 17th Sep 9am PT).

  • After that the NFT marketplace's primary currency will be ERC-20 STARS, with plans to make the platform crosschain compatible with BSC, and integrate with our partners at Polygon.

Selling / Auctioning

  • Limited to the selling of Reboot Camp NFTs so as to not flood the marketplace. The Access Pass NFT collection is also coming to the marketplace soon, and each new NFT collection will be able to be sold on the Mogul Marketplace by users on the day of its release.

Creating / Minting

  • Not ready at launch, but coming shortly thereafter. Giving artists, filmmakers, and other creatives a chance to list and sell their work to fans, and financiers.

  • Will integrate the ability to charge royalties for future sales of your work, give additional physical, or event based rewards, and even use your NFT sales as a financing tool for a larger project that you're working on.

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