Moja is designed to be simple, secure and transparent


You can sign up using your mobile number.

Once you have signed up you are automatically set up with you personal Moja wallet.

To create a saving group, you go to My groups, click on Create group, give your savings group a name and then invite family or friends from you contacts. Done ! You can start saving straight away !


To make sure that your group savings are secure Moja has two simple rules

New members have to be approved by all existing members. As soon as you invite someone, everyone in your group gets a notification, so that they can vote on the new member. Once everyone has approved he or she automatically, joins.

Withdrawals have to be approved by a majority of group members: Before anyone can withdraw from a savings group, everyone in the group gets a notification so that they can vote. Only once a majority of the groups members have approved, is the withdrawal is authorised.


Everyone can see the group balance at any time and will receive notifications when people are depositing or withdrawing.

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