The Moja Savings Challenge is designed to help you save with family and friends !

The offer is simple: Save 10,000 over 6 weeks and get a one off top up of 600 KES

How do I qualify?

1. Create a Moja savings group with 3 or more people

2. Deposit money into your Moja group wallet regularly for 10 weeks

3. Save a total of 10,000 KES and we will give you a one-off top up of KES. 600 at the end of the 10 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I save more than 10,000 KES

Yes ! Absolutely

2. If I save more than 10,000 KES can will I make more than 600 KES

No. Our offer is a one off bonus of 600 KES when you save 10,000 KES

3. If I meet my target early do I get my target early

No. The bonus is only available after 6 weeks. The idea is to help you save regularly

4. What happens if I miss a week?

Thats ok, you can make it up the next week

5. What happens if I miss multiple weeks?

If you miss more than three weeks you will not be eligible for the bonus

6. Am I still eligible to win the reward if I don't complete the challenge?

No ! you have to save 10,000 KES

7. How long is this offer open for?

This offer will be available for the next two weeks or the first 550 customers to start saving with us whichever comes first!

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