Step 1. Go to the "Career site" option on the right side menu bar, click on "Career Page" and select the unit for which you want to create it. Fill out the basics – upload a nice picture, add a title, write a pitch

Step 2. Add some new stuff to your site. Start with choosing the components from the available list:

- text
- text with image
- image
- video

You can add as many components as you need. They will better and fully describe your site. 

Now put some colors and fonts to your components – change fonts of the text, images, colors, or delete them, if not needed. 

And the last - drag the added components in the order which would best represent your company. 

NOTE: The component “Your job listings will be shown here” tells you that all your published jobs will be shown here once your page is saved to the corresponding site address.

Step 3. Once you added all the information, save the changes, add your career site address (this is where your page will be displayed), click "Copy URL", and see how your page will look like.

Click here to see how it looks in our company's site!😉

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