Review existing job templates

Job templates are finished job postings that one can quickly select when posting jobs through Mojob. Go to Settings > Templates. Preview, update, duplicate, delete the templates, filter/sort them out to your needs:

Add a new template 

STEP 1. Fill out the basics

Click "Add template" button, fill out the Job details, and add Job description here.

Make sure you put some effort into communicating your story and why someone would apply for this job. Add some new stuff to your job by selecting the components from the available list – text, text with image, image, video. Now put some colors and fonts to your components – chnage text, images, colors, or delete them, if not needed. And the last – drag the added components in the order which would best speak for the job.
Use Preview option to see how the job will look like after posting.

STEP 2. Design your own recruitment process

Application shortcuts and External application link: shortcuts give a quick access to the default apps in Applied state. Those are CV app, Auto-message and Screening question app. You can easily update them straight from Job basics page.

Another option here is the possibility to use External application link. Click on three dots "...", select this option and add third part application link there. You can easily move back to Mojob application process at any time.

For more options in setting up your reacruitment process click "Set up the hiring process" button. Build and automate your own recruitment process here by adding/updating/deleting apps per state; adding/updating/deleting states of the process step. Apps are additional options helping you better assess the candidates, create proper communication flow with the candidates and within the team.


1. CV app is a default app in Applied state. It cannot be deleted and it is not available in any other state. Here you mark the fields as mandatory, optional or not needed. If the field is mandatory, then the candidate must provide this information while applying for a job; if the field is optional - candidate may or may not provide this information; and if the field is not needed, then candidate will not even see the field in his application form.

2. Other apps. Click on "ADD APPS" option available in every state and add the app from the list:

  • "Screening Questions" app - add Short Text, YES/NO and Multichoice questions. Drag them from Suggested Questions, create your own questions, edit/delete questions or use all these options. Remember to mark correct answers in YES/NO and Multichoice questions. Use automatic rejection of unqualified candidates who failed to answer screening questions correclty by selecting filter automatically option (for YES/NO and Multichoice questions only). If you do not check this box for all such questions, you will need to filter the candidates manually. If you check only some of the questions, candidates will be automatically filtered based only on the checked questions.

  • "1-Way video interview" app - add maximum 3 questions here either from the suggested list or create your own questions.

  • "Interview scheduling" app - connect to your Outlook account, create the interview invitation by adding location, number of seats and time slots.

  • "Reference check" app - ask applicants to provide reference contacts within the set number of days.

  • Send automatic message" app - use suggested automatic message, create your own, and add files/images there.

  • "Add note about the candidate" app - use it for internal purposes within your team to make a note about the candidate progress, add files/images there.

  • "Add motimate" app - helps companies train their employees through e-learning.

Important: you can delete, update the added apps any time. You can also move the apps within the state in the order which best suits your recruitment process. It means that if, for example, "Screening questions" app comes first, then comes "Send automatic message" app, then the applicant first receives screening questions to answer and only then the automatic message. The only exception is with CV app, which will always be the first app in Applied state, because it defines the application process for the candidate. Also all the apps, except for CV app and "Screening Questions" app in Applied state, will be sent to the candidate through chat straight after changing candidates' state. Read more about it here.

CV and "Screening Questions" apps are sent to the candidates while they are applying for a job.

"Move candidate forward" option:

This option is available in Application and Process steps. It is always MANUAL by default. If you set it to AUTOMATIC, it will automatically move a candidate to the next state straight after he/she performs all needed actions in a previous state, if any were set up by you in that state (for example, if in the Applied state you added only "Screening questions" app, then once the candidate aswers screening questions in Applied state, he/she is automatically moved to the next state).

Process step opportunities:

This is the step where you have some more opportunities in addition to already mentioned ones above. First of all, you can update or delete the default states: change their names, change the color of the states (this color will be visible when moving candidates to the states on Applicants page). Secondly, you can add a new state here and do the same actions here as already described. And thirdly, you can change the order of the states - put, for example, Offer state straight after Applied state, and Qualified - after Interview state etc.

STEP 3. Review template

Once you have built the recruitment process, check all the information once again, preview it. Your template is ready for use now👌.

Job templates will be available for all people in your office unless your office is HQ/parent office, then it's available for the whole company.

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