Step 1. Start
Click "ADD NEW JOB" button in the dahboard or "+" in the sidebar. Choose one of the following ways you can post a job:

  • Use a template. Here you will find templates created in Settings > Templates by your office or head office. 

  • Use a previous posting

  • Or start from scratch

NOTE: once you opened the job in one of the above mentioned ways, it is automatically saved as Draft, which you can see in your job listing. Do not forget to handle them properly (finalize by posting a job, timely deleting them if not needed, and leaving only a few really needed drafts). This will make you job listing more accurate.

Important: It is really important and wise to create templates upfront to make job posting process for all your team super easy and fast, and your job ad beautiful.

Step 2. Review the information

  • Check all the information carefully on Info, Job page, Process and Soucring pages, then edit or add necessary stuff, if needed. If you decided to create a jon from scratch, find out more information how to fill out those pages here

  • Choose where you want the job to be displayed. If you choose you'll have to pay for it using your own agreement with Finn and fill out more information before it goes out. 

  • After all checks done, click "Publish" button. The job is out on all the selected channels.

NOTE: after job is published, you can still make there any changes any time. Just open that job, go to "Edit job" and make necessary changed. After each change click "Publish" button to make sure changes become visible to applicants.

Step 4. Market the job all you can. When it's posted you'll find a link you can share to all your friends and on all social media.

Good luck posting the jobs!😊

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