1. Adjust candidates' list to your needs

When you get new applications to your listings, we'll notify you through push and email notifications. Please read more about notifications here.

When you open the job from dashboard or job list you'll see the list of applicants in a "Table" view by default. From here you can perform different actions to the candidates which would make your screening process faster, easier and more effective:

  • sorting by states, first/last name, correct answers, rating, applied date etc. To do this just navigate over the column name and you will see up and down arrows. Click it will sort out the applicant in ascending or descending order, ealier or later applied date etc. Sorting depends on the column by which you want to sort out the list of applicants.

  • filtering by states, tags, first name, last name, email address, applicantion date and date of birth. You can apply 1 or filters. If you apply more than 1 filter AND or OR function between filters is defined by the system automatically to prevent from unlogical application of more than 1 filter.

  • adjust the table view to your needs by adding/deleting columns. Click the "Screw" icon in the top right corner of the table and you will see the list of column. By checking/unchecking you make the columns visible or not.

  • make bulk actions to 1 or more applicants at the same time. Select 1 or more applicants by clicking on the applicant's Avatar icon. You will see the bulk action panel on top of the table. By selecting one of the options you can select/unselect applicants, send a bulk message or note, Reject the applicant(s) or move them to another state, add tags.

    Clicking "More" icon opens up more options: move the applicants the Excel file, move the applicant to another job, or remove the applicant

You can also switch the applicants' view to the "Board" view. From here you can drag the candidates easily to other states, filter them out by states, first/last name, applied date etc, and make bulk actions as described above.

NOTE: system remembers where you performed your last actions - in the Board or Table view. So next time when you open the job you will see the applicants in the view (Board or Table) which you used last time.

2. Review candidates from a single applicant page

All new applicants are set to "Applied" state. Handle candidates directly from a Table or Board as was decribed above, or go to a single applicant page and do it from there. To do this just click on the applicant in a Table or Board. Single applicant page will open and you will see the following information:

  • Left side of the page: on the top you'll see 2 buttons - "Reject" and "Move". Below the buttons there are "Tag", "Rating", "Add Internal note" and "Attributes" options to help you communicate internally, evaluate applicants efficiently.

    Note: internal notes are visible only to your colleagues.

  • Right side of the page: check the information about the applicants (bio, education, experience, source from which candidate applied), their answers to the screening questions, the number of correct answers, review attached CV, if any, app previews. There is also contact infomation to help you get in touch with the candidates and find out more about them

  • Middle of the page: here you can see the chat where you can send messages to the candidates, watch recorded video interviews, check notifications sent to applicants, see the time for the interview selected by the candidate etc.

Important: recruiter and admin users can edit, delete, copy your own and your colleagues' messages and internal notes. Viewer can only edit internal notes. Person who made changes to the notes and messages will be seen below the notes or messages. Also you can see who rated the applicant and how.

3. Change states and review apps

When you manually change candidates' states from Table/Board or from single applicant page, you'll see "Confirm Move" window. Here you can do the following actions:

  • move the candidates to the next default state, or select another state from the drop-down list which appears when you click on a default state. Reject the candidates if they are not the right fit for this position. Remember: candidates can be automatically rejected if you set up "filter automatically" option in "Screening questions" app. Click here for more information.

  • check the apps which will be sent to the candidates. You can still update "Send automatic message" and "Add internal note about the candidate" apps here - change a suggested message, create your own message, delete the message, attach files and images. It's up to you! NOTES: a) You cannot change "Screening Questions", "1-Way video interview", "Interview scheduling", "Add Motimate" apps here. To do this, please go to "Set up Hirring process" page and make changes from there as described here ("Design your own recruitment process"). b) If you move candidate again to the same state, the apps for that state will not be sent to the candidate again, because he/she has already received them before.

Important: candidates move from state to state automatically, if "Move candidate forward" option is set to "AUTOMATIC" in "Process" page.

4. Move through the list

If you want to move to the next or previous applicant from a single applicant page, click ">" or "<" options in the middle of the top page. Note: in this case you'll be able to move through the candidates of the same status.

If you want to go back to all applicants, click on "ALL APPLICANTS" option in the right top corner of the page.

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