Firstly download our app for Android or iPhone. Then get registered. Quick and easy ✅

Fill out profile
Go to your Profile screen 

where you can:

  • Edit profile. Add, change, delete information about yourself here. You can do it manually by filling out each and every field or autofill it by uploading your CV. After using Upload CV option, please verify the added information. If CV is not well-structured, you might need to adjust the uploaded information. Please also note that some fields are mandatory. If you leave them empty now, you'll be asked to fill them out while applying for a job.  

  • Select the system language (English or Norwegian), change your password or delete your account in Account settings

  • Find out more information in our Help Center articles

  • Ask for help in Support & Feedback section

  • Log out

Search and Apply
Go to Jobs tab (push Mojob button in the center bottom of the screen) and search for a job ad using different filtering options in the right upper corner of the screen. You can filter by word, Range/Area, Category, Sort by Closest first and the ones with the shortest due date first. Please note that when you use "Select address" option of "Range/Area" filter, make sure range distance is not selected as All, because in that case you would see all job ads no matter what address you indicated.
Important: use "Reset" filter, if you want to throw away old filters and use new ones.
Once you found the appropraite job ad, click on it, carefully review the job description and hit "Apply" button:

Lastly you apply for a job by adding or editing your personal information and answering some questions from the employer. 👊Pro tip: Be creative, tell the employer something they don't already know about you! Answer honestly on the questions, ✅ (And don't use #hashtags.)

You can follow the progress of your application in the  "Applications" tab. You'll see a red dot on Applications option, if a new message is received. 

From here you can chat with the employer, see if your message was delivered and seen, check when you received a notification or sent the message, send attachments, update or copy your messages. If you have been qualified, you'll see here the invitation to record a video interview. We advise you to follow all the updates on your applications here. Of course, you'll aslo receive email notifications about any change to your application.

Videorecording: first of all please make sure that your camera are microphone are turned on. If so, then you can start recrording. There might be maximum 3 video questions to be recorded from 20 till 60 seconds long. Video questions and durations are set by the recruiters. You record, rerecord, replay videos which you recorded as many times as you need. You can start video recording from 2nd or 3rd question. Once all questions are recorded, you will see "Send" button in the last question. After you tap "Send" button, all recorded videos are sent to the recruiter and you will not be able to change them any more.

Filter out your applications by their status:

View job ad and remove application:

Good luck 💯

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