Dashboard. First thing you see after you log in to Mojob is your dashboard. Here you can find all the jobs assigned to you, meaning that you are added there as a part of the hiring team. You can check out the new candidates from job cards, filter your jobs by states, easily post a new job from here.

Your jobs can have one of the following statuses:

  • Live: job is out and available for the candidates on the selected Sourcing channels

  • Unpublished: due date has passed, job is closed for new applications but recruitment process for already applied candidates is still active

  • Completed: job with finished recruitment process (all applicants are in outcome states - Rejected, Hired or in Waiting List)

  • Draft: not yet published job

By default the dashboard will show the jobs in Live, Unpublished and Completed statuses. The first one is the job with the most recent updates.

Notifications: stay up-to-date using this part of the dashboard. Here you can see notifications for the latest happenings for your jobs. White notification cards mean notifications about new applicants, new messages from the applicants, changes in applicants' statuses. Red notifition cards mean internal notes on candidates or process from your colleagues. If you get a new candidate, new message or note, you will see that the card gets a red dot. Please see example in a screenshot above. Once you read it, the dot will disappear. You can also filter notifications by different types.

Getting started: start learning how to use Mojob with Checklist, find out more information on different points using Resources and easily get help using built-in Intercom messenger.

Automatic follow-up on SMS. If the candidate has not seen your message for 24 hours, we automatically send out an SMS with the message you sent.

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