Fill out Your Profile

So, you have an access to your organization in Mojob and decided to use mobile application. First of all, download and install Mojob mobile app from AppStore for iPhone or GooglePlay for Android. Once installed, log in using your login details, though Google or with Microsoft. Here you can get a new password if you forgot your old one or just want to change it.

Once logged in, you'll see the Notifications screen. If logged in for the first time, go to your "Settings" screen in the left bottom part of the screen. Here you can:

  • Edit Profile: add or update information about yourself. It's important to add a great photo of yourself (Mojob is more personal). PS: these fields are important to fill out fully.

  • Select Unit: if you have access to more than one office in your company, you can select the needed one from a drop-down.

  • Account Settings: change the language here, update password or delete your account.

  • Help Center: learn more how to use Mojob through articles in our Help Center.

  • Support & Feedback: contact our support from here and get the soonest feedback.

NOTE: adding and updating information on your company or office, adding/editing teammembers and their permissions are availalable on web only. Please read more how to do it on web here.


Stay up-to-date using this screen. White notification cards mean new applicants, new messages from the applicants, changes in applicants' statuses. Red notifition cards mean internal notes on candidates by your collegues. If you get a new candidate, new message or internal note, you will see that the card gets a red dot. Please see example in a screenshot above. Once you read it, the dot will disappear.

Getting started

Tap on "Getting Started" card in Notifications. Start learning how to use Mojob with Checklist, find out more information on different points using Resources and easily get help using built-in Intercom messenger.

Automatic follow-up on SMS

If the candidate has not seen your message for 24 hours, we automatically send out an SMS with the message you sent.

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