Jobs' list

All jobs will appear on Jobs screen (suitcase sign), which you can find in the left right bottom of the screen. Your jobs can have one of the following statuses:

  • Live: job is out and available for the candidates on the selected Sourcing channels

  • Unpublished: due date has passed, job is closed for new applications but recruitment process for already applied candidates is still active

  • Completed: job with finished recruitment process (all applicants are in outcome states - Rejected, Hired or in Waiting List)

  • Draft: not yet published job

By default the list will show the jobs in the following order: Live, Unpublished, Completed and Draft statuses. All job cards contain such helpful information as the total number of applicants and the number of new applicants. Slide the job card to the left and perform one of the suggested actions depending on the job status. For example, Live job can be either deleted or closed (or unpublished), Unpublished job - either deleted or open (or published) etc.

Filter, search jobs and applicants:

More actions

If you want to do some more actions to the specific job, open it and tap on More actions "..." sign in the right bottom corner of the screen. You can:

  • Check leads, if any. If no leads, you'll not see this action

  • See the job Analytics

  • Share the job through different tools

  • Edit the job: make the changes. Once done, tap "Update the job" button, so the changes become visible to applicants.

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