When you get new applications, we'll notify you through push and email notifications. Please read more about notifications here.

When you open the job you'll see the list of applicants in a "dashboard" view. Slide Upper menu bar with status to the right and left to see all statuses and if there are applicants there. Here you can perform different actions to the candidates which would make your screening process faster, easier and more effective:

  • slide candidates card to the right if you want to move them to the next state, slide the card to the left if you want to reject them

  • sorting and filtering by application date, rating etc.

  • make bulk actions - tap on cards' photo or avatar to select necessary candidates, slide up the Bulk Actions card which appeared in the bottom of the screen and send a bulk message, add a bulk note, reject or move to other states the selected candidates.

All new applicants are set to "Applied" status. Handle candidates directly from a Dashboard as was decribed above, or open each candidate's card and do it from there. To do this just tap on the applicant in a Dashboard. You will see all the informaiton about the applicant: from which source he/she applied, questions answered (with the number of correct answers), internal notes, if any. On the bottom of the screen you'll see 3 circles by tapping on which you can perform the following actions:

  • Green circle (or can be any other color which you selected per state) with an arrow - move the candidate to another status

  • Red circle with a cross - reject the applicant

  • White circle with a note - chat from here

Below are some more actions you can do and see in the chat:

  • check what was sent to the applicants (messages, attachments, notes, notifications etc.) and when it was sent. Tap quickly on a message or attachment to see date and time it was sent

  • check if messages were sent and seen

  • add/edit/copy messages (also attachments/images sent as messages), and add/edit/delete/copy internal notes (also attachments and messages sent as internal notes). Note: you cannot delete messages, only edit your own or copy any message. Tap on the ">" sign on the bottom of the screen to see such actions as sending internal note, file and image attachments. Tap and hold for a secong on the message, internal note or attachment to edit or copy it:

  • check answers for screening and video questions

  • check which date and time was booked by the candidate for an interview

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