Our core product is an app targeted at owners of electric charging stations. The app can, in addition to handling the actual charging and payment, give the user a forecast for the supply of green energy and help to nudge the users to a green consumption.

The owner can define who is allowed to use the stand and at what price. For most users, this will probably be friends, family and neighbors.

There are also a number of features available just for their home, such as in-depth statistics on consumption, prices, CO2 and savings.

We have a Smart Charging feature, that uses statistical models starts and pauses charging while it fits the user's profile:

With a profile focused on price, we currently halve the spot price (over a year for a average motorist it will save them 1000-1200kr)

With a profile focused on the environment, we can reduce CO2 by 35%

You can read about our feature here:

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