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What's the difference between Private and Public charge points?
What's the difference between Private and Public charge points?

How you enable different access settings of your charge point?

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Private charge point

Private charging points can only be seen and used by the owner of the charge point and anyone invited by the owner to use it too within the app. A custom price can be set to anyone invited to use your private charge point.

Setting your charge point to be viewed as "Private" enables you to features such as Auto Start and Auto Smart Charge.

If you wish to add more people to your private charge point's team, here is how you can do this.

Important things to note:

  • Members to your charge point get access to all your charge points. So if you invite someone to your home charge point and also have a summer home charge point set up, they have access to that too.

  • Members get charged the price you set your charger at. So if you set it to 2.3DKK/kWh this is what they shall be charged. If you want them to charge their car for free, or at a different price, then you have to give them a custom price. You can do this by clicking on the settings of the team member and changing the price.

  • If you have selected one of the Auto Start features, your members will also be able to access this. Read more on Auto Start here.

Public charge point

Public charge points are visible on the Monta map and can be used by people with a Monta account. If you choose to place a Monta sticker on your public charge point, then EV drivers can also charge without a Monta account or the app.

When an EV driver charges on your public charge point, the price for the charge is automatically transferred to your Monta wallet.

You can set different public prices and switch between them. You are also able to create a schedule, which will switch between a Public and a Private visibility of your charge point. This can be utilized if you want to share your charge point with other drivers when you are not using it, for example, when you are at work.

Here you can read more about how to set the details of your public charge point.

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