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Enable and set up SmartCharge
Enable and set up SmartCharge

Start to save money, lower your CO2 emissions or use more renewable energy ♻️ by using a SmartCharge feature

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Interested in saving money whilst you charge or is lowering your CO2 emissions more appealing? Well, we have a smart way of calculating when would be the best time to charge your car using our SmartCharge tool.

This is a practical guide that explains how to enable and set up the SmartCharge feature. Please note that the SmartCharge feature is only available for charge points that are set to "Private".


1. Enter SmartCharge preferences

Your SmartCharge preferences tell us what is most important for you when charging.

To access the preferences, navigate to "Me", click on "Settings" and select "SmartCharge preferences"

Here, you can adjust what is most important for you, by moving the dot within the triangle.

Once your preferences are saved, you're good to go 🙌

Now your SmartCharge preferences are set up, you can take advantage of our scheduling feature where every time you plug your car in, it schedules when to start charging according to your SmartCharge preferences.

2. Enable SmartCharge

Here is how to enable the SmartCharge feature.

2.a. Open the charge point's settings ⚙️

2.b. Click on "Access settings"

2.c. Select "Private"

2.d. Switch the "Enable SmartCharge" toggle on and click on "Save changes"

3. Set up a SmartCharge session

Now you are ready to set up a SmartCharge session.

Click on your charge point and select the "SmartCharge" tab on the charging screen.

Setting up the charging session

On this screen, you can select the car you are going to be charging.

You can also set the "Charge amount". This can be either a fixed amount of kWh or a battery %. Please note that if you want to set the charge amount by %, you need to add you car to Monta first.

In the "End time" section, you can specify the time window, you want your car to charge. When you put an end time, the SmartCharge algorithm will calculate the charging session to be done by that time. You can also enable "Delayed start", which will limit the time window for charging.

In the "Payment" section you can select the wallet, which is going to be used to pay for the charge. If you are charging on your personal charge point, the price is most likely free, so you do not need to change the preselected "Personal wallet".

If you have a sponsored charge point, then you need to select the "Sponsored charge by" option.

You can also select to tick on "Keep settings for this charge point". If you do so, the charge point will remember the settings you have set here, such as Charge amount and End time, and next time you want to charge, it will use the same settings by default. Please note that if you want to enable "Auto SmartCharge", you need to check this box.

Start the charging session

To start the SmartCharge session, connect your car to the charge point and swipe to start. Once you do this, the charge point will display as "Busy", but it will not start charging until the time window, which the SmartCharge algorithm has calculated to fit your preferences.

If you wish for the charging session to set itself and start automatically, please read the section about "Auto SmartCharge".

4. Enable Delayed start

When you are setting up the End time of your charging session, you can also select to enable "Delayed start". To do so, enable the toggle.

Please note that the charge could start later than the time selected depending on your settings. The "start after" is just the earliest point, when the charging session can begin. The charging will happen between the start and end time.

5. Enable Auto SmartCharge

You can also select to plan and start a SmartCharge session automatically.

From the "Access settings", find and slide the "Enable Auto SmartCharge" toggle.

Important! In order to use Auto SmartCharge, you need to perform at least one SmartCharge session. After this, the charge point will use the settings, such as charging amount and end time for the charge and schedule the charge automatically.

When you are using Auto SmartCharge you do not need to start the charging session in the Monta app, but only to plug in your car. Charging will be scheduled and started automatically.

Fun fact:

If you have a flat rate from your electricity supplier, you can update your SmartCharge preferences to focus on lower CO2 or Renewable energy and help towards a greener planet whilst getting the best price 🌍🌿💪

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