Interested in saving money whilst you charge or is lowering your CO2 emissions more appealing? Well, we have a smart way of calculating when would be the best time to charge your car using our SmartCharge tool.

This tool is designed to help you charge according to your preferences. SmartCharging finds the best time of day to start charging your car, and takes into account your "SmartCharge Preferences", your battery size and how much you need to charge.

Please note that "SmartCharge" features are only available for Private Charge Points.


  1. Enter SmartCharge Preferences

  2. Enable SmartCharge

  3. Enable Delayed Start

1. Enter SmartCharge Preferences

First, tailor your preferences by following these steps:

1.a. Click on "Me" on the Navigation menu

1.b. Scroll down to "Settings"

1.c. In "Settings" select "Smart Charge Preferences"

1.d. Input your preferences and click "Submit"

Note: You can also enter your SmartCharge preferences from the Charging screen and the Insights screen (by clicking on the orange cog)

Once your preferences are saved, you're good to go 🙌

Now your SmartCharge preferences are set up, you can take advantage of our scheduling feature where every time you plug your car in, it schedules when to start charging according to your SmartCharge preferences. Click here to read more about it and how to set it up.

2. Enable SmartCharge

2.a. Under navigation "Chargers", locate your Charge Point and click on the Setting icon (⚙️)

2.b. Select "Access settings"

2.c. Select "Private"

2.d. Choose "Enable SmartCharge" and click on "Save changes"

2.e. Click on the "back" arrow 3 times, until you reach the screen of your Charging Point and select "SmartCharge"

2.f. Adjust the SmarCharge settings, such as Delayed Start

2.g. Slide the "Charge" icon to start charging

3. Enable Delayed Start

You can set the time you would want a charge to start from. This is a feature ideal for those who want to make sure we capture a specific time "window". To access this you need to:

Choose "End time", which will then allow you to enable Delayed Start.

3.a. Enable Delayed Start.

3.b. Select the earliest time you want your car to start charging.

Please note that the charge could start later than the time selected depending on your settings. This just creates a "start time window".

3.c. In order to save the settings of the delayed SmartCharge for that specific charge point, please mark "Keep settings for this charge point"

Fun fact:

If you have a flat rate from your electricity supplier, you can update your SmartCharge preferences to focus on lower CO2 or Renewable energy and help towards a greener planet whilst getting the best price 🌍🌿💪

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