We’ve made it easy for you as an EV driver to get your tax refund for your EV home charging in Denmark whenever you see fit!


  1. Open the settings of the charge point

  2. Select "Subscriptions"

  3. On the Subscriptions page read and agree to T&Cs

  4. Add meter documentation (photos), if your meter does not support automatic readings

Notes and Knowledge base

  • First and foremost, you will need to have set your charger up before you can claim Tax Refunds. If you haven't done this yet, read how to set your charge point up on Monta here.

  • This is a paid subscription via a Third Party. The fee will be deducted from your Monta Wallet and not your bank account. This is an automatic transaction once your application has been accepted.

  • Your Wallet is also where the Tax Refund will go and you can use this as either a payment method for charging your car through Monta at any of the other charging points on the app, or you can withdraw the funds into your bank account 🏦

  • You can cancel the subscription at any time.

  • The subscription process is handled by our 3rd Party Service Providers who manually review each application. Sometimes it can be approved by the end of the day, or in some cases in a few days. Some are held in a "Pending" state if the required documentation is missing or incorrect.

  • If your charger supports automatic meter readings, payouts for your charge are usually instant but there are some circumstances where this can take several hours. If there have been 2 charges since the missing payment, contact us via the app and we'll investigate.

Step by step guide

1. Open the settings of the charge point

  • Under the "Chargers" tab in the menu and find the Charge Point you would like a Tax Refund on

  • Click on the "Settings" icon (⚙️)

2. Select "Subscriptions"

3. On the Subscriptions page read and agree to T&Cs

You will now be able to see different service providers for tax refund. Choose one and click on "Read more", which will take you to the Tax Refund T&Cs screen. Read through these and agree to continue to the next section.

Please note that after agreeing to the conditions on this page, your details will be sent to a 3rd Party Service Providers to review.

4. If your meter does not support automatic readings

If your meter does not support automatic tax readings, that means that you need to perform manual meter readings.

4.a Different meter setups

Not every charge point that requires a manual meter reading can be approved for a tax refund subscription. This depends on where the meter of your charge point is located. The meter is the little screen that shows how many kWh have been charged on the charge point.

If your meter is internal/ located inside the charge point box, you are most likely eligible for a tax refund subscription. If your meter is external/located outside of the charge point box, you need to get in touch with the tax refund service provider, so they can confirm if they can approve your subscription.

4.b. Add meter documentation

When you apply for a tax refund subscription, on the Tax Refund screen, you'll need to add supporting (picture) documentation to your claim. Click on the "Add meter documentation" button.

Add your readings and make sure you are 100% happy with them before clicking submit. They are only editable on this screen... In the final field, add the amount you are claiming for.

Note: The picture of the entire installation will only be needed on your first claim. After that, we will only a picture of your meter and device.

Once you've submitted for your claim, you will be returned to the Tax Refund main screen where you will see a notification of your claim pop up.

4.c. View the process

To view your process of your Tax Refund or the images you uploaded, select "Readings". Please note that Monta is not able to approve manual meter readings. This can only be performed by your tax refund service provider.

Once it's been approved, the status will update from "Pending" to "Approved"

And you'll see your Tax Refund claim in the "Tax Refunds" tab.

Please note that the first reading you submit becomes a "baseline". All following refunds will be issued on top of this number of kWh.

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