Generally we support any OCPP 1.6 J protocol. But often there are minor differences between each brand / model.

The process is as following:

1) We want to have access to a device, physically. Ship a device to our office for us to build and test it the integration. Normally it takes 1-2 days to get it up running and tested. It needs to be online via ethernet, wifi or 4G

2) We need some information on what is possible. Please answer the following sheet, or set us in contact with your technical team

What OCPP profiles do they support?

Is there a way to set the OCPP url via an API?

Can the OCPP url be set via an OCPP configuration request?

Do they support a global meter?

3) Commercially, we need to understand the amount of users we are potentially getting with the integration. On top we need to understand how you plan to tell the world about Monta and your hardware

Contact us at to get started

We will start to rate our integrations from 1-5 soon




Polling based, installer setup


Event driven, installer setup


Polling based, user setup


Event driven, global meter reading, user setup


Monta certified. All above including a Monta sticker on the box and flyer inside

Note: Due to high demand the current queue for support is around 4 weeks

We also do custom integrations, if the hardware is build on top of a existing cloud solution, read more:

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