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Set up "Public" visibility to your charge point
Set up "Public" visibility to your charge point

How to make your charge point publicly available for others to charge and earn money while sharing it

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Setting your charge point to "Public" makes it visible to all Monta users. Anyone can see your charge point and anyone can charge at it. They will be charged the price you set and you will receive their payment to your Monta Wallet.

You can also create a schedule to switch between Public and Private visibility of your charge point. When it is Public, other users will see it on the Monta map, but when it is Private the charge point becomes visible only for you and the members of the team, where the charge point is located.

Let's set your charge point to "Public"! If you haven't connected your charge point with Monta yet, read here first.


1. Open the settings of the charge point

2. Click on "Access Settings"

3. Choose "Public"

4. Adjust the public settings of your charge point

Here, you fill out details about your charge point which are relevant for when your it is publicly available for other Monta users.

If you want to change a setting, click on it to open the related menu.

Public price

This is the price other EV drivers are going to pay when they are using your charge point. You can generate multiple price groups and select when to apply them.

If you want to generate a new price, click on "Add another price".

Please note that you, as the owner, you will not be charged for charging on your own charge point, unless you specify so.

Public note

This is a message which you can leave for EV drivers who want to use your charge point. You can mention specifics about accessing the charge point, such as, whether there is a gate or the specific location of the charge point in relation to a building.

Public/Private schedule

Here you can set up so your charger point automatically switches between Public and Private visibility. You can set up a schedule for every day of the week and effortlessly share your charge point when you are not using it, while earning money!

Choose a start time, an end time and a day of the week, which when your charge point is Public. The rest of the time, it is going to switch to Private.

If you want to add another day, click on "Add another period".

Cable is available to public users

Inform the EV drivers who want to use your charge point there is a charging cable at the charge point that they can use.

Allow chat messages

If you choose to allow chat messages, EV drivers who are trying to charge on your charge point will be able to message you within the Monta app.

To see your messages, navigate to "Me" ➡️ "Messages".

5. Set to Public

After you have saved all of the settings, you can click on the button "Set to Public".

Once you have set your charge point to Public, other EV drivers will be able to find it on the Monta app!

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