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How to add and connect your ABB charge point to Monta

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This is a guide that shows how to install Monta on your charge point. If you want to connect your charge point to your Monta account, please follow the steps in the end of the guide.

Please note that when you connect your charge point to Monta, we become the operator of the charge point. This means that you need to use Monta to control the charging process.


1. Download the iOS or Android app on your phone

ABB Terra requires an app (Terra config) for installers only. We suggest you contact the company which installed it for you. They can help you, it should take 5 minutes when you have the access.

Note: You must be within 10 feet of your device in order to change the OCPP provider

2. Login using these credentials:

E-mail address:

Password: MontaABB2022

Important! Once you log in, do not change the password.

3. Pair the device

Once logged in, you will need to pair to the device. Click on the "Connect Charger" button.

4. Insert pin code

Then you should see a screen where you can select from multiple charge points. Go ahead and click on the charge point you are trying to connect. After this, you will need the PIN CODE that can be read on the sticker located on the front panel of your ABB charge point.

5. Check connection to network

Once paired, it's necessary to check if the device is properly connected to a network. Click on the "Charger Link" icon.

6. Verify device connection

Verify that the device is connected to a LAN or Wifi network. After this head back to the main menu.

7. Go to OCPP Server

At the main menu, you will continue to the "OCPP Server" section by clicking on the button.

8. Locally cached server

In the OCPP section, you will see an empty list. Above that list you should see "Locally Cache Server +".

Go ahead and click on the "+" icon.

9. Select the Monta OCPP Server

Select the list item with value wss://

After this, click on the "Download" button at the bottom of the screen. This should take you back to the OCPP menu.

10. Click on the server

Now the list should no longer be empty and you should have at least one item in the list that corresponds to the following value wss://

Click "Next" to continue.

11. Enable external access

Once you arrive at the configuration menu you might need to turn on the "Enable external access" toggle switch.

Note: At this point you should save the "Serial Number" you see in this section. You will need this information later, when you are connecting your charge point with Monta.

Click on the "Configure" button.

12. Check if configuration is correct

Very important! You MUST leave the "Change charger name" field empty!

On this page, you can see if the process has been successful. Check for the three checkmarks:

  • Security identity

  • Certificate upload

  • Configure process

If any error occurs, please go to the main screen and retry from step 5. Otherwise take a screenshot of the error and forward it to Monta support.

If everything is correct, click on "Okay". The rest of the process takes place in Monta.

13. Connecting the charge point to your Monta account

Now you need to add and connect your charge point to your Monta account.

You can do this through either the Monta app or Monta Portal.

Here is a guide for the Monta app.

Here is guide for Monta Portal.

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