Welcome to Monta! πŸ₯°

Are you a charge point owner and ready to start using Monta? Rather than spinning your wheels and guessing at where to start, follow this quick guide how to set up and optimise Monta for home charging! πŸ˜‰

Follow this checklist and don't miss out on any step setting up Monta for the first time:

  1. Download Monta App.

  2. Add your charge point(s) and integrate it with Monta.

    First and foremost, click on navigation menu "Chargers" and "Add your charge point!

    Continue onto the next steps in the App. When your charge point is connected, you will see it under navigation "Chargers" as available. If in doubt, follow a step-by-step guide here how to set up and integrate your charge point successfully πŸ‘Œ

  3. Manage your charge point's availability - choose between Private or Public.

    1. Setting your charger to "Public" makes it visible to all Monta users and you will let other EV drivers use your charge point at a price and time schedule you decide. Find our more here.

    2. Setting your charger to "Private" will allow you (and your family if you wish so) to enable and charge with SmartCharge, Auto Start or Auto SmartCharge features.

  4. Set up your Monta Wallet and add your car.

    Under navigation menu "Me", you will be able to do both - add your credit card and your vehicle.

  5. Check InsightsπŸ“ˆ

    Under navigation "Insight" - follow the history and forecasts on green energy ♻️ consumption, CO2 emissions, pricing for electricity and more!

  6. Start charging at home! πŸ”Œ

  7. Use other public charge points 🌍

    Under navigation "Maps" - you can see all public charge points that you can use to charge your car! Search by address and you will see all the charge points nearby or filter them according to the price and other features.

  8. If you manage multiple charge points, you can create teams and set different prices for different members. Read more here.

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