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How can I add my charge key(s) to Monta?
How can I add my charge key(s) to Monta?

Pair your charge key (RFID tag) to Monta

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Depending on the charge key and the phone you have, there are several ways of pairing your charge key(s) to Monta.


Please note this applies to both the plastic card and the leather keychain product.

1. Under navigation "Me", select "Wallet"

2. Locate Charge keys (RFID)

Scroll down to Charge keys (RFID). Click on it.

2. Click on "Read NFC Key".

2.a. IF you have Monta Charge Key, we suggest to simply scan it and pair.

2.b. IF you have another charge key, such as Spirii, E.on, Clever or other and you have an Android phone, you can as well pair by scanning it.

Make sure that NFC is enabled on your phone. Place your charge key on the back of your phone. It will now be detected and scanned automatically.

You can now pair your charge key πŸ™Œ.

3. Pair through charge point

IF you are an iPhone user and have another charge key than Monta (such as Spirii, E.on, Clever or other), you will need to pair your charge key through your charge point.

! Make sure ! that your charge point is already connected to Monta and is available - you can follow the guide how to do it here.

You will now have 60 seconds to scan your charge key at your charge point. Once your charge point detects a charge key, you will be able to give the key a name and pair it πŸ™Œ

4. Enter key number manually

IF you can see a key number of 8, 14 or 20 characters stated, this is a good option and you can pair it manually. However, unfortunately the serial number written on the charge key is sometimes not the right one needed for pairing it to Monta.

Enter the charge key number and click on "Pair charge key" πŸ™Œ

If you are trying to add the number written on your charge key(s) and we do not accept it, we suggest to instead pair the key(s) by other options described above.

5. Enable External Charge Keys

NB! Some chargers (eg. ABB) require you to enable the use of the external charge keys/RFID cards from the app/portal of the charge point.

5.a. To enable the external charge keys go to configuration settings of your charge points app/portal and click on Card.

5.b. To give the permission to the Monta charge key switch on the "Enable external cards" toggle.

6. See your charge key(s)

If you go to your Wallet and scroll down, you will be able to see the registered charge key(s) you have.

You can now use your Monta charge key πŸ™Œ.

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