How to pair a Monta sticker?

Pair a Monta sticker to access a charge point automatically

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Do you want to make your public charge point even easier to identify and use by other EV drivers? Have no fear, the Monta sticker is here!

In this guide we will show you how to pair it with your charge point. With a sticker on your charge point, once a driver approaches it, they just need to scan the sticker with their phone.

After this quick scan they can begin charging with or without the Monta app. Here you can read more about how to order Monta stickers, as well as how to scan and use them.


1. Under navigation "Chargers", go to charge point settings ⚙️

Under navigation "Chargers", click on the Setting icon (⚙️) of the charge point you wish to pair the sticker with.

2. Select "Monta Sticker"

3. Click on "Pair a sticker"

4. Select a paring method

Here you can choose whether to pair the sticker by taking a picture of the QR code or by scanning it with NFC.

5. Your app will indicate that the sticker is paired

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