1. How to create a team?

2. How to add a charge point to the team?

3. How to manage charge point accessibility?

4. How to invite user(s) to a team?

5. How to manage a team wallet?

6. Sponsored Charge Points

1. How to create the team?

Open Partner Portal in order to create a team.

Step 1: Click on "Teams" and then "Create a team"

Step 2: Add Team Information and Press "Create team"

2. How to add a charge point to the team?

Once a team is created you can start adding charge points 🙌 .

Step 1: Click on the Team, select "Charge points" and click on "Add charge point"

Step 2: Fill out the charge point details

Here you need to insert charge point details. On the following pages you will need to input the charger's name and location, as well as a group it belongs to.

Step 3: Set integration

Please make sure that you have already performed the hardware setup part of the integration process.

Once you click on "Connect to Monta", you need to follow the steps that are relevant for the charge point you are integrating. You can consult the installation guides available.

The charge point has already been created 🙌

If you clicked on "Not now", please click on the Team you've created once again and you will see that the charge point has already been added. Please refresh the page if a charge point is not visible. You will see the state as passive or disconnected, please go ahead and set integration to it.

How to set integration and make charge point active

Select the charge point and click on "Set integration" and follow the integration process from there.

3. How to manage the charge point accessibility?

Now you can set up the accessibility of your charge point. If you want it to be private - available only to team members, public or use set up a schedule when a charge point is private and when it is public.

Step 1: Click on the three dots next to a charge point and then "Accessibility"

Step 2: Public and Private Scheduling

Public Accessibility

Your charge point will be public by default, click on "Edit". Here you can add a price per kWh for public charging, extra information (optional) and whether there is a cable available for public use. Click on "Set public" and now your charge point is on Monta map available for other EV drivers 🙌 .

Public Accessibility

Click on "Enable" and "Set private". Now your charge point is visible only for the team members added to the team.

Scheduled Accessibility

Here you can set your charge point to be both private and public. You can give access to your charge point to other EV drivers by making it public during certain hours and days. The other hours and days charge point will be private, available only for team members.

Click on "Enable", "Add another period" and "Apply Schedule". Now your team's charge point is both private and public 🙌 .

4. How to invite user(s) to a team?

In order to give others access to charge point(s) added to the team, you will need to invite users (members) to the Team. To add users through the Web Portal, please follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the Team, select "Members" and click on "Invite new member"

Step 2: Invite the member by using their email or phone number

Choose what rights you want to give them:

Member: A member can only charge on a charge point.

Admin: An admin can manage a charge point. They can change price groups, the visibility of the charge point and add new members to the Team. You should assign the role of an admin only to people who you want to have administrative rights.

Owner: The owner is the person who owns the Team and the only one who can manage the Wallet of the Team. They are also the person who has the ability to give Wallet management rights to other members of the Team.

Choose price group for member: This is the price that the member is going to pay per kWh charged. You can create as many price groups as you wish.

After assigning the role and specifying the price group for the member, click on "Invite". Invited members do not need to have an existing Monta account. If they already have a Monta account the invitation will appear in the app, in the notifications section. Otherwise, they will receive an sms or email depending on how the team member was invited. A state will change from pending to accepted and a user will be able to start charging 🔌..

Step 3: Transfer ownership of the Team

After you have invited the members to the Team and they have accepted the invitation, you are able to transfer the ownership of the Team to another member.

Find the person in the Team that you would like to transfer ownership to and click on the three dots next to their name. There, click on the option "Transfer ownership".

After this, just click on "Confirm" and you will no longer be the owner of this Team.

5. How to manage the team wallet?

  • In your teams wallet you can see all the transactions from and to the wallet and export the list of all the transactions. By clicking on the three dots next to the transaction you can access transaction details and download the receipt for it.

  • You can withdraw funds from the team wallet. Click on the three dots next to Wallet balance and "Withdraw funds".

In order to withdraw from team wallet add Amount of withdrawal, Account name,

IBAN Number.

  • In team wallet you can also add and pair charge keys.

In order to pair a charge key add ID of the RFID which must consist if 8,14 or 20

characters, charge key name and press "Pair charge key."

6. Sponsored Charge Points

In the teams Sponsored section team owner or admin(s) can add Sponsored Charge Points (e.g. this is relevant for companies reimbursing its employees for charging at home).

Click on "Link charge point", add the link code provided by the owner of the charge point and again "Link charge point".

Once you link charge point to your team you will asked to Set reimbursement price per kWh charged and click on "Start sponsoring".

Now you are sponsoring a charge point outside your team! 🙌

You are all set and ready to manage your teams on Monta Portal! 🎉 🚗

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