1. How to create a team?

2. How to add a charge point to the team?

3. How to manage charge point accessibility?

4. How to invite user(s) to a team?

5. How to manage a team wallet?

6. Sponsored Charge Points

1. How to create the team?

Open Partner Portal in order to create a team.

1.1: Click on "Teams" and then "Create a team"

1.2. Choose the Type of the Team

When creating a team for your client, select "Professional Team.

If you are creating the team where the revenue belongs to yourself then create it as an operator, in this case select "Operator Team".

Finally If you have a private customer where charge point will be used only for charging at home you can select "Private team". This team will have basic plan by default.

1.3. Add Team Information

1.4. Add relevant team Information and click on "Create team".

2. How to add a charge point to the team?

Once the team is created you can start adding charge points 🙌 .

2.1. Click on the Team, select "Charge points" and click on "Add charge point"

2.2. Add Charge Point

2.3. Fill out the charge point details

2.4. Add charge point settings

Here you will to chose should charge point accessibility and whether charge point should be active from day 1. If you are still testing charge points keep it inactive. Here you can read more about active vs. inactive charge points.

If charge point is public you can also choose whether you want it to be visible on Monta App Map for all Monta users, or you want to keep it public only for example hotel guest. Here you can read more about this feature. Click on "Finish".

3. Connect Charge Point to Monta

Please make sure that you have already performed the hardware setup part before connecting to Monta.

Once you click on "Connect to Monta", you need to follow the steps that are relevant for the charge point you are connecting to Monta. You can consult the installation guides.

The charge point has already been created 🙌

If you clicked on "Not now", please click on the Team you've created once again and you will see that the charge point has already been added. Please refresh the page if a charge point is not visible. You will see the state as passive, please go ahead and connect charge point to Monta.

How to set connect and make charge point active?

Click on the charge point you want to connect. Here the charge point management page will open. On the very top you will see that charge point is not connected to Monta go ahead and click on "Connect".

3. How to manage the charge point accessibility?

Now you can set up the accessibility of your charge point. If you want it to be private - available only to team members, public or use set up a schedule when a charge point is private and when it is public.

3.1: Click on the three dots next to a charge point and then on "Accessibility".

Here you will see accessibility settings.

Here you can read more about charge point accessibility and settings.

Here you can also see how to create schedules and apply them to the charge points.

4. How to invite user(s) to a team?

In order to give others access to charge point(s) added to the team, you will need to invite users (members) to the Team. To add users through the Monta Portal, please follow these steps.

Here is a guide that explains how to invite team members and give access to the charge points.

5. How to manage the team wallet?

In your teams wallet you can see all the transactions from and to the wallet and export the list of all the transactions. By clicking on the three dots next to the transaction search engine you can export transactions. You can also choose to see only transactions in the specific time frame.

Here you can see Wallet balance and withdraw funds from it. Here is the guide that explains how to withdraw funds from team wallet.

In the team wallet you can also pair charge keys, here is guide that explains how to pair charge keys to Team wallet.

You are all set and ready to manage your teams on Monta Portal! 🎉 🚗

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