You can access the Invoices issued by Monta to you by clicking on "Invoices". Here you can see the list of all the Invoices issued as well as view information of the specific invoice by clicking on "View".

In the invoices section you will see different status of invoices - Pending, Approved or Draft.

Pending: The invoice is waiting to be paid.

Approved: The invoice has been paid.

Draft: Live Invoices which have not be sent out for the payment yet.

Under Invoice Details you can see the summary of the invoice entries. You are able to Export invoice, get PDF version of the invoice and see all the Transactions related to it.

On the PDF as well as Summary of the Invoice there is all information related to the invoice. Payment Period, Invoice Number, VAT, Invoice Entries, Balance Statement, Payment Instructions with the due date (14 days from the date when the invoice was issued) and more. Normally the invoice is issued every first working day of the month.

( This is an example of the invoice, the currency of the invoice will be adjusted to the one used by your company 💰 . )

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