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Using the Monta Wallet
How to use your Monta Wallet?
How to use your Monta Wallet?
All you need to know about Monta Wallet
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How to use your Monta Wallet?

1. Monta Wallet πŸ’³

In the Monta App, under "Me", you can find your Monta wallet, where you can:

  • See your balance

  • Add payment methods

  • Add and order Charge Keys (RFID)

  • Access the history of the transactions from and to your Monta Wallet.

2. How to refill Monta Wallet?

In order to refill your Monta Wallet you can choose "Refill now" or "Auto Refill".

To refill now add the amount to deposit, select payment method, add payment option if you do not have one yet and click "Refill now".

To auto refill enable auto refill toggle, add the refill amount as well as payment method. Your Monta Wallet will be refilled automatically every time balance goes below 0.

3. How to withdraw funds from Monta Wallet?

In order to withdraw funds from your Monta Wallet you can choose "Withdraw now" or "Auto withdrawal".

To withdraw now add the withdrawal amount and personal details. You will be asked to state your bank account information (IBAN). Press "Withdraw to bank account". If withdraw went trough you will see in app message "Withdrawal is pending".

To activate Auto withdrawal enable the auto withdrawal toggle. It will withdraw all the available funds to your bank account every 1st working day of the month.

Important! A very important thing to note is that before your funds are withdrawn from your wallet, Monta will deduct the cost of any active subscription you have with Monta (i.e. tax refund subscription).

4. Payment Methods

In order to add information about your payment method click on "Add payment method" and add payment card.

You can have more than one payment card available in your Monta Wallet. In order to add more cards click on + on the right top of payment methods and add payment card.

5. Charge Keys (RFID)

5.a. Add a charge key

In order to add charge keys (RFID) click on "+ Charge key" .

5.b. Pair the charge key

You can add and pair Charge keys (RFID) by in 3 ways. Choose one of the following "Read NFC Key", "Pair through charge point" or "Enter key number manually".

Read NFC Key

Scan the QR code on the charge point and "Pair charge key".

Pair Through Charge Point

Please note that you can only pair a key through a charge point that you own. Select the charge point to which you are pairing Charge Key (RFID) by clicking on it. Scan the RFID tag located in your charge point and "Pair charge key".

Enter Key Number Manually

Enter charge key number, name the key and "Pair charge key".

If you want to add more charge keys press on + on the right top of charge keys (RFID) and add a charge key using one of the methods mentioned before.

5.c. Order a charge key

Here you can also order Monta Charge Key which will be sent to you by post.

Begin by selecting the charge key you want.

State how many charge keys you would like, add the delivery address and payment method.

6. Transactions

In this section of Monta Wallet you can see all the transactions from and to your Monta Wallet.

You can also access the receipts of the specific transactions when clicking on them. Save the needed receipt in PDF file, send it by email to the email address related to your Monta account, or share it with other people by sending the link.

Now You are all set and ready to manage your Monta Wallet! πŸŽ‰ πŸš—

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