In order to give access to charge point(s) added to the team, you will need to invite users (members) to the Team first.

There you can find out how to Invite Team Members to Monta Web Portal.


1. User Roles

2. Member Settings

3. Transfer Team Ownership

1. User Roles

There are 3 roles of team members and each role has different rights and access within the team:


A member can only charge on a charge point, and cannot see the balance of the team wallet, nor other members (only how many members are in the team).


An admin can manage a charge point and team members. They can change price groups, the visibility of the charge points and add new members to the Team. You should assign the role of an admin only to people who you want to have administrative rights.

Team Owner

The owner is the person who owns the Team and the only one who can manage and withdraw funds from the Wallet of the Team. However, the Team Owner has the ability to give wallet management rights to other members of the Team.

2. Member Settings

After the member has accepted the invitation to join the team, you can change the settings of the specific member.

2.1. Click on three dots next to the specific member and select “Member settings”.

2.2. Here you will see member setting and will be able to adjust it.

You can adjust the member settings in this section. Decide which price group should the user have, as well as if the user should have the possibility to pay with the team wallet. You can also give rights to that specific member to manage the team wallet.

!! Keep in min only the team owner can give access to other members to pay with and manage the Team Wallet.

2.3. Once member settings are adjusted click on “Update”.

3. Transfer Team Ownership

After you have invited the members to the Team and they have accepted the invitation, you are able to transfer the ownership of the Team to another member.

Find the person in the Team to whom you would like to transfer ownership to and click on the three dots on the right side next to their name. There, click on the option "Transfer ownership".

After this click on "Confirm" and you will no longer be the owner of this Team.

After you transferring the ownership, your role from the Team Owner will change to Team Administrator.

You can allow team owner to access team wallet, which is explained in the section 2. Member Settings.

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