In order to give access to the private charge point(s) added to the Team, you will need to invite other users to be team member. If your charge point is public you can still invite team members in this way they will get the better offers from you directly. Here you can read more about public and private pricing.

In Monta Portal you can invite users in three different ways:

  1. Adding Team Members Individually

  2. Bulk Invite

  3. Sharing a Code

Go to the Team where you want to invite team members and select the "Members" section. Here is the place where you will be inviting new members, managing the existing ones.

1. Adding Team Members Individually

1.1. Click on "Invite new member".

1.2. Click on "Invite team member".

1.3. Invite a New Member

Insert email or phone number of the user that you'd like to invite. Decide whether they should be a member or an administrator and select a price group for this member. Here you can read more about user roles.

It is important that the user will be logging in with the same email/phone number where the invitation was send out. If the user logs in with different credentials, the system will create different profile and the user will not have an access to this Team.

2. Bulk Invite

2.1. Click on "Invite new member".

2.2. Invite New Team Member

Click on "Invite many at once".

2.3. Download Template

2.3. Fill in the Template

Add email addresses to the list.

2.4. Upload the File

Click on "Import and invite".

Here you can find a detailed guide on - How to invite many members at once?

3. Sharing a Code

If there is many users that should be in the team and you don't want to collect their email addresses and invite them manually to the team, you can share a join code with them.

3.1. Find or Create Join Code

Each team has a unique code that can be found under the name of the team.

You can always customise the join code by going to team settings. In the team information go to the join code section, change it and click on "Save changes".

3.2. Enable auto accept join requests

The user will use this code to request the membership in the team, which has to be approved by you. You will see their membership as requested and will have to approve it.

You can also enable auto-accept new joiners in the settings of the Team. This means that every time somebody requests to join that team they will be automatically accepted as team members without you needing to approve their membership.

!! This kind of team members will get the default price group allocated to them once joined by auto request. They will also will get user role "Member".

Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how end user can join the team using the join code provided by you. This guide can found here.

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