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Supported Load Balancing
Supported Load Balancing
Which charge point brands and meters are supported for Monta's Load Balancing system?
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This is a list of charge point brands and models that are supported for Monta's load balancing system.⚡ ⚖️


1. Notes

Here, you want to read more about the different types of Load Balancing.

Please note that Load Balancing is only available for Business/ Enterprise Teams. Here, you can learn more on how to upgrade your plan with Monta.

2. Static and Dynamic Load Balancing

Static Load Balancing distributes the available power among the charge points evenly, whether they are being used, or not. Dynamic Load Balancing takes into consideration which charge points are being used and distributes the all the available power to them.

In this table we have included all brands and models of charge points we have tested to work with Monta's Static and Dynamic Load balancing system.




  • Terra AC Wallbox

  • EVLunic Basic

  • EVLunic Basic Plus

  • Terra DC wallbox

  • Terra 175

  • Terra 54


  • EVE Single S Line

  • Eve Single Pro-line

  • Eve Double Pro-line Twin

  • Eve Double PG-line DE


  • Chargestorm Connected 2


  • Home

  • One

  • Charge


  • Wallbox

  • Wallbox Duo

  • Wallbox Duo Power

  • Wallbox Adspace

  • Wallbox Easy

  • Vertica

  • Stilo


  • 7kW Smart Home

  • 11kW Smart Home

  • 7kW Business Series

  • 22kw Business Series


  • INCH Pro

  • INCH Home

  • INCH Home


  • TWIN+

  • LS4

  • Wallbox GLB+

  • Althea

  • GTB+

Intelli EV

  • EV7T

  • EV11T

  • EV7S

  • EV22S


  • P30 C-Series

  • P30 X-Series


  • EVlink Smart Wallbox

  • EVlink Wallbox Parking

  • EVlink Parking


  • Webasto Live 11kW/22kW

  • Webasto Next

3. True Dynamic Load Balancing

True Dynamic Load balancing is dependent on the Monta system receiving information from an external meter attached to the setup. The Load Balancing is done entirely through Monta, where we get the meter values and then balance the charge points directly. There are 2 ways for this to happen:

3.a Meter is directly sending data to Monta

The meter can send information directly to Monta.

Currently, there is only one meter that will work on any charge point that supports load balancing (See above table). This meter is Enegic.

This means that if the charge point is included in the above table, and you have an Enegic external meter attached to the setup, your site is eligible for True Dynamic Load Balancing.

3.b Data is sent to Monta via the charge point

With this setup, the information is sent via the charge point where the meter is sending measurement data to the charge point via Modbus.

Currently, there is only one charge point brand that supports this setup is ABB.

4. Local True Dynamic Load Balancing

Load Balancing is done through a local setup, which does the Load Balancing directly on the charge points without the need for internet. Monta can still control the charge points, but the Load Balancing is done in parallel without any commands from Monta.

This setup requires you to do the setup on the local system by yourself. Compared to the other types of Load Balancing, this setup has limitations. As the Load Balancing is managed by the local system, Monta receives a limited amount of information about the site. Due to this, there are very limited troubleshooting options from Monta's side.

The supported local setups are:

  • Schneider EcoStruxure (LMS)

  • Entratek Load Management Hub

  • Zaptec Sense and APM

  • Easee Cloud

5. Requesting Load Balancing support for a new charge point brand

If you would like to use Load Balancing for your charge point site, but you use different charge points than the ones included in the table above, please reach out to us, so we can evaluate if we can start supporting your setup.

When you reach out to us, please include the following information:

  • Type of Load Balancing you need (Static, Dynamic, True Dynamic)

  • Brand and model of the charge point

  • Brand and model of the external meter (if relevant)

  • Any details of the site, that are relevant to the setup

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