Finding out how to withdraw your Monta balance is one of the first concerns Monta Portal users have, this is why we made it simple for you!

We'll go through the process of withdrawing your balance as well as give some handy tips and information to help you with the withdrawal. 💸

In every team there is a team wallet, this is where the funds from the EV drivers payments are collected. It acts as a virtual account, in this article you will understand how to withdraw these funds from the wallet.

One can wonder before requesting withdrawal - Do I have to pay to withdraw funds from the Monta wallet? We have good new for you the answer is No! This is absolutely free of charge.


1. Add Bank Account Details

2. How to withdraw money from Monta?

3. Who can withdraw funds from the team wallet?

1. Add Bank Account Details

You can add your bank account details in the team settings before proceeding with the withdrawal, in this way we will already will know which account is association with the team wallet. You can also add bank account details while withdrawing funds.

How to link your bank account to the Team Wallet?

1.1. You can add your bank details by going to "Teams" . Click on the team you would like to access.

2.2. Go to "Settings".

2.3 Scroll down to "Bank accounts" and click "+ Add new"

2.4. Enter your bank account information, currency and click "Save".

Congratulations now you have added a bank account details to the team 🙌

2. How to withdraw money from Monta?

2.1. Once your bank details have been added go to the "Team wallet" and click on the "3 dots" on the right side of the wallet balance.

2.2. Here you will see option to "Withdraw funds".

Side note: If you are on an enterprise, pro and business plan you will see another option - Enable invoicing. Here is a guide for enable invoicing for these teams.

2.3. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw, please note the minimum amount to withdraw is 50DKK (or equivalent to your local currency). Click on "Withdraw".

2.4 If you did not add bank account details before hand you will be requested to do so when issuing a withdrawal. Once you have added bank account details click "Next".

Here you will be asked to verify your details. Once completed click "Verify and withdraw"

2.5 Congratulations you have initiated a withdrawal and it is being processed 🙌

3. Who can withdraw funds from the team wallet?

Any members with the setting turned on for managing the team wallet is able to withdraw from the team wallet.

As a team owner if you want to give a team member the ability to manage team wallet open the team and go to "Members". Here find the specific member and then click on the 3 dots on the right side of member. Go ahead and click on "Member settings".

Here you will be able to enable the option "Can manage team wallet" to "Yes". Once this is done click on "Save changes".

Team administrator and team owners get the acces to the manage team wallet by default.

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