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Powered By Monta Installation Guide
Powered By Monta Installation Guide

How to add and connect a charge point that is Powered by Monta?

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Have you purchased a charge point, which is Powered by Monta?

Powered by Monta makes the installation process much faster and smoother. Follow this quick guide to learn how to add and connect your charge point to the Monta system.


1. Download the Monta app

Begin the process by scanning the QR code, located in the integration flyer that comes in the box of your charge point. This will lead you to the app store, where you can download the app.

2. Scan the Monta QR code on the charge point

When you scan the QR code on the charge point, you will be prompted to open the Monta app. If you do not have the app yet, you will see how to download it.

Click on the "Open" button.

3. Add a name and location

After scanning the QR code on the charge point, the Monta system has already recognized the charge point brand and model.

Enter the name and location of your charge point and select which team you want to register it in. Then click on "Connect to Monta".

4. Wait to connect

Here, our system is checking if your charge point is online and is trying to connect to it.

If your charge point is offline, you will need to first connect to the internet and then the installation process will be completed.

If your charge point is online, you will be connected to Monta and you are ready to start charging! ๐Ÿ”Œ ๐Ÿš—

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