Charge Keys on Monta Portal

Where and how to pair charge keys on Monta Portal?

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๐Ÿ”‘ Charge Keys are used to start the charge and create a payment method for the session. At Monta charge keys are paired to Team Wallets which afterwards are used for charge session payment. Charge keys are a convenient way to start the charge without using your Monta App.

This guide explains how to pair charge keys to the team wallets on Monta Portal.


1. Where one can pair the charge key on Monta Portal?

On Monta Portal charge keys are paired to the teams wallet which should be paying for the charges.

1.1. Find teams section on the left side of menu bar and click on "Teams".

1.2. Find the team to which team wallet RFID key should be added to and click on it.

1.3. Open Team wallet, here you will find section Charge keys, this is where you can pair charge keys on Monta Portal.

2. How to pair charge key on Monta Portal?

2.1. Click on "Pair key".

2.2. Pair Charge Key

Add charge key identifier which should be 8, 14 or 20 characters long. You can also as add who is the owner of the charge key. If you have vehicle connected to the team you can add for which vehicle charging this key is. You can name the charge key.

Once you have added information needed click on "Pair charge key".

2.3. Paired Charge Keys

Once you have paired charge key it will appear under charge keys in the team wallet. You can pair as many charge keys as needed to the same team wallet.

3. Charge Key Details

3.1. In order to access charge key details click on the 3 dots.

3.2. Here the setting will open. Click on "Charge key details".

3.3. Update Charge Key

Here you can update information about charge key and see when charge point has been created and updated.

This is all you need to know about charge keys ๐Ÿ”‘ How and where to pair them in order on Monta Portal in order to use for charging.

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