Wi-Fi Radios

Disclaimer: The Moody Radio technical support team does not support Wi-Fi Radios. We can only offer simple suggestions on testing your connection but we do not support them. If you have any issues with your Wi-Fi radio you will need to contact the manufacturer or business you purchased it from, or we can get you in contact with our contractor for Wi-Fi Radios.

If you are having issues with a Wi-Fi radio, such as the Grace Digital Wi-Fi radio, unplug the device and turn it back on. Test the connection again. Should the connection still not work for Moody Radio, test another radio station. If you do not get any signal restart your home Router.
Then test the connection from a computer or phone connected to your Wi-Fi router. If the connection works, test your Wi-Fi radio once again.

Here are some links that might be helpful:

Support page for Wi-Fi family Radio: http://www.wififamilyradio.net/
Grace Digital Wi-Fi Radio: https://gracedigital.com/
PDF of Grace Digital Wi-Fi: PDF document from Grace Digital

Should none of these steps work contact us by email and ask to be forwarded to our Wi-Fi radio contractor.

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