Step 1.

On the home page, click the 2 bars on the top left of your home page.

Fig I

Step 2.

Click “Select Local Station”

Fig II

Step 3.

The default local station based on your GPS will be displayed here (fig III), all you have to do is select it. Now if you want to select a different station from the one show. Go to Step 4.


Step 4.

In the white banner, click to search for the station you want, you can either search through cities, states, zip codes, frequencies, call letters, or names.

After you have found the station you want. Just click the station and it will be set as default. And you can exit out of this setting by hitting “back”.

If you still cannot find your station. Go to step 5.

Fig IV

Step 5.

Click the button “Show all stations” ;

Fig V

Step 6.

Once you can see all the stations, just swipe down till you find the station you are looking for and select the station by clicking on it and it automatically sets it as a default station. If you want to switch quickly between local stations you can click the star to add it to your favorite page.

Fig VI

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