Step 1

Click the player banner to expand it (refer to fig. 1)

Fig I: Click the player banner to expand the player to see more features

Step. 2

Now with the expanded player, you can see all of the different features, the one we are focusing on is “my queue”. You can either swipe left or click on “my queue”. Just as fig II is shown below:

Fig II: Click on “my queue” to see the list of episodes in the queue.

Step 3.

If you don't have any episodes under your queue, you should have an option that says, "click here to add episodes to my queue" just as figure III shows

Fig III: If you don’t have episodes in your queue, click this button to add whatever you want to listen to next 😊

Step 4.

Once you have added the episodes, you should be able to see the episodes in your queue like fig IV.

Fig IV: Episodes that are in queue to be played will be listed in Order.

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