Thanks so much for your order! Here's how to find your order confirmation email.

  1. Wait at least 15 minutes AFTER completing your purchase before going any further. Sometimes our system can take a few minutes to send order confirmation emails. Most of the time, the best thing to do is wait. Your order confirmation email will likely arrive in just a few moments.

  2. If you haven't received your order confirmation email after 15 minutes, please check your spam and promotional folders. Oftentimes, order confirmation emails will end up in the spam or promotional folders due to an email inbox's settings.

  3. If you still don't have your order confirmation email, it's possible a typo was made when entering your email address during checkout, or you used a different email address than you think. Please check any alternative email addresses and their corresponding spam and promotional folders to be safe.

Still haven't received an order confirmation email after completing the steps above? Please contact us using the chat widget on this page. We'd be glad to help! 

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