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Processing Driver Payroll in Moovs
Processing Driver Payroll in Moovs

Updating Driver Payouts, Processing Payables, Driver Earnings, Driver reports

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Moovs makes it very easy to provide drivers earning reports in which drivers can have access to their earnings for every trip they complete. This will help you retain drivers and create reports to manage your business.

Driver Payouts

Updating driver payouts in Moovs is easy. Please follow these simple steps or access our Moovs Product Tour here.

Step 1

Navigate to your Trip Summary Detail view

Step 2

Open the Update Driver Payout Section by clicking View More and Update Driver Payout

Step 3

Add the appropriate earnings to each line item for the drivers and then click "Save"

Reminder, you have to close the trip to now proceed to processing driver payables

Processing Driver Payables

After updating driver payouts and closing out the trip you can now process your first driver payable. Processing Driver payables is the best way to retain drivers and provide transparency of all driver earnings. You can follow the the steps below.

Step 1

Navigate to the Payables section in Moovs.

Step 2

Moovs will help you process payroll for any desired dates, whether you want to pay on a specific date or on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or any other range.

Reminder - The date is the pick-up date of the trip.

Step 3

You will now be able to review the total amount owed to the driver and total trips they've completed on the trip date filter you've selected.

Lastly, to provide the driver their earnings you will need to Payout the payable by clicking Payout.

Congratulations, you've now processed your first driver payroll. Let's continue to the next step, Driver Earnings

Driver Earnings

Drivers who have had payables processed in Moovs will have access to their reports in the driver links. See below for how operators and drivers can access the earnings report.

Step 1

Navigate to the drivers section to access the driver link.

Step 2

To access the driver link, open any drivers profile and navigate to the top right ellipses and click Copy Driver App Link. This will now save to your clipboard history on your Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet.

If you want access you can open this link in a new tab, or you can send this link to your driver if they don't have it already.

Step 3

The Driver Link will now have a driver earnings section where the driver will have access to all their earnings for each time you process driver payables.

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