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Farming-out to Moovs Affiliates
Farming-out to Moovs Affiliates

Understand how farming-out to existing affiliates who are on the Moovs Software works

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You're going to find your self needing to farm-out when your vehicle breaks down, you get double booked, or any other reason that you won't be able to service your customers. With Moovs Affiliates, we've made it very easy to build relationships with affiliates, farm-out and stay on top of your trip experience that will be serviced by another affiliate.

Searching for Moovs Affiliates

Searching through Affiliates Page

You can navigate to the Contacts section and the Affiliate Tab to find all operators who currently exist in your software.

Tip: You can filter by clicking View and unchecking External and GriddNet

Searching through Map View

The Moovs Affiliates Page is organized by alphabet. Interested in searching by location, you can click the Map View and open up a map view and search by location to navigate affiliates.

Pro Tip: The Map View will only show affiliates on Moovs and each red dot represents an affiliates with a profile on the right that details vehicle types, affiliate address, and a navigation to the Moovs Affiliate profile.

Using the Moovs Affiliate Profile

The Moovs Affiliate Profile is available for every Moovs Affiliate. This view will give you all the details you need to build your relationship with an affiliate. You can view all of the affiliates information and even each vehicle that they have listed on Moovs with the Insurance, Pictures, Pricing and more.

Farming out a trip to a Moovs Affiliate

It is important to understand how the Moovs Software operates in the different steps of workflows when farming out to a Moovs Affiliate. The workflows that are enhanced are

  • Farming out the trip: Select the vehicle to farm-out and have the ability to assign an internal note and farm-out price

  • Managing the farm-out: Manage the farm-out status, update the price and more.

  • Assigning a driver

  • Closing out the trip

Farming out the trip

You will first farm-out the trip to the Moovs Affiliate by navigating to View More in the trip action bar, and click Farm-out Trip.

Select Choose a Vehicle to see all vehicles sorted by closest to pick-up address. You will have the ability to filter by Vehicle Type and Search by vehicle name.

Lastly, assign an internal Affiliate note and Farm-out Price and click Farm-out

Pro Tip: All trips farmed out to Moovs operators need to be accepted or denied. The farmee will receive an email and will need to act appropriately. If this needs an urgent response please contact the affiliate through the contact information available on the Affiliate Profile

The Moovs Dispatch section will now be part of a new section called Farm-out. It is critical that the meaning of this is that the Farm-out modal will be controlling the dispatch. The dispatch section now integrates with the Moovs Farm-out Affiliate and will only allow for vehicles and drivers to be selected from that affiliate.

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