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Farming-out to External Affiliates
Farming-out to External Affiliates

Setting up Moovs to farm-out to Affiliates who are not on Moovs Software, linking external vehicles and external drivers

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You will need to understand how to farm-out to Affiliates who are not on the Moovs Software. Setting up External Affiliates allows you and your affiliate to utilize the Moovs Software to enable the best experience for you and your affiliate.

Creating an External Affiliate

The first step in setting up a farm-out with your affiliate who is not on Moovs is to create an external affiliate. Follow along on how to create an external Affiliate or watch our product demo here.

  1. Navigate to the Contacts Page

  2. Click the Affiliates tab

  3. Click the button Create Affiliate to add a new external affiliate.

  4. Enter in all information with an asterisk (*required fields)

  5. Then click Create Affiliate to save your external affiliate.

Setting up your External Affiliate

It is important to know that when farming out to an external affiliate you need to Create Vehicles and Create Drivers in your system and then Link and associate them to the External Affiliate Profile.

Linking a Vehicle

After you have created a vehicle in your Vehicles page, you can now come to the external affiliate and Link the vehicle to the affiliate.

Note: It is required to link a vehicle to the external affiliate so that you can Farm-out to external affiliates

To link the vehicle navigate to the External Affiliate profile and attach the vehicle by searching for it.

Pro Tip: Once your vehicle is linked to an External Affiliate, it can not be used for another External Affiliate. You will see the vehicle show up in your vehicles section in the External Affiliate tab. Click the vehicle and see which external affiliate it is associated next to the vehicle name.

Linking a Driver

It is important that you assign a driver to an External Affiliate but you must first create a driver and then link it to the External Affiliate. To link a driver to an affiliate follow these steps below.

Note: You must link a driver to the External Affiliate to assign the driver to the trip.

You have now successfully created an affiliate profile and set it up to allow for farming out and dispatching a driver.

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