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Along the top of the General menu, next to Company, is Booking Tool. In the Booking Tool tab you are able to customize how your Booking Tool is presented to your customers when they visit it to make a reservation.

By clicking on the check boxes you can show different trip type options, and by clicking the toggles along the right of the screen you are able to select what reservation option are presented also.

The Gratuity boxes can be updated to show specific amounts for your business, the lesser percentage needs to be in the left box and the highest percentage in the right box.

Continue completing the settings working down the page turning functions of Moovs off or on as best fits your business.

The final section of the Booking Tool tab is the Reservation Cutoff Period, by default set to 0 Hours. This setting allows you to receive Quotes, instead of Reservations, for a rolling window in time for the next number of specified hours. Use the drop down options to adjust it by hours, or days to a maximum of 23 Days.

How exactly does the Reservation Cutoff period work? Here is an example:

If the Reservation Cutoff Period was set for 4 hours and the current time is 10:00 AM. Any reservation inquiries have a pick-up time between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM will not be Reservations, instead when the customer submits the inquiry to you it will give you all the details of their requested service (date, time, pick up and drop off locations etc) and that will be in your Quotes page.

The customer has not entered their credit card, a reservation has not been confirmed, and the conversion of the Quote to a Reservation needs to happen by the operator.

Quick Steps

Home Screen - Settings - General - Booking Tool

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