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Moovs Quote Automation allows you to send quotes with automated follow-ups. Let Moovs create more reservations with sequences and workflows. We will go over on how the Quote Automation works below. Moovs has created the workflows to be text based given that open rates are the highest with text messages.

Pro Tip: All Quotes can be enrolled in Quote Automation, but a Quote that is already enrolled in Quote Automation can't be enrolled.

How Does Quote Automation Work?

To enroll a quote in quote automation you need to have a vehicle and a base rate to enroll the quote. You can create quotes or receive quotes through the Moovs Customer App. Once a quote is enrolled in Automation there will be 3 text messages that are sent to the Booking Contact and all activity is saved in the Sales Automation activity log.

The Booking Contact will receive all text messages for the Sales Automation campaign with a text message and a link to confirm the quote. The text messages will send until quote becomes a reservation or when the quote expires based on the Auto Archive Date.

How do I enroll a Quote in Sales Automation?

It's easy to enroll a Quote in Sales Automation. Navigate to the More action icon and then click Enroll Quote in Sales Automation.

You will see the template for review and then click Enroll.

Note: You can view each text that is sent to the Booking contact by clicking the message which also shows the scheduled date and time it will be sent. On the top right you can find the Auto Archive Date, which displays the date the quote will be archived.

What is the Sales Automation Activity Log?

The Sales Automation activity log is located in the Activity log. This section of the activity log will show you all related activity to the Sales Automation. You can see the scheduled date and time of every text that will be sent.

Orange icons indicate that the text is scheduled and will be sent.

Pro Tip: All clicked link activity is stored by each text that is sent.

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