Communications Settings
Written by Matthew Kenny
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The Communications tab in General Settings allows you to customize how your customers and driver team receive communication from you via text messages and email. These are enabled or disabled by clicking on the toggle next to each Communication option.

Text messages are sent from the Moovs issued telephone number that is located in this section of your account. This telephone number is assigned to your account when the account is created and cannot be changed.

This telephone number is not designed to be the primary telephone number, but rather is used for the automated messages that are sent to passengers prior to their reservations, to your drivers when they have been assigned a job, to your passengers when your drivers change their trip status, and other options that are listed on that page.

There is the possibility that a passenger will call this number, even though the automated messages are written in a way that do not invite a telephone call. If this happens Moovs forwards the telephone call to all telephone numbers that are listed in the Members section of the Settings menu.

At the very bottom of the tab is the ability to connect your custom domain. If you have purchased a domain through Google, GoDaddy etc and have a connected email account (a common option is info@ or reservations@) it is the domain after the @ that can be added here.

Additional steps may be required to complete this connection, which may need you to be signed in to your email host to update settings.

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