Payments Settings
Written by Matthew Kenny
Updated over a week ago

Moovs is compatible with the Moovs Payment Processor. The integration requires the assistance of a Client Success Manager or Onboarding Manager and is initiated by sending the operator an email requesting the completion of a form.

This form requires information such as the business EIN, owner percentages, owner social security numbers, description or services and industry type.

Once completed, the Client Success Manager will manually add in your bank account details (routing and account numbers are required) and connect the Moovs Payments account to your Moovs operator account. The connection can take a few hours to complete, though in most instances happens within minutes.

Payments can be made through Moovs as soon as the status in the Payments tab shows as Connected! By clicking on Charge Reservation (to charge all trips that make up the reservation), or the Money tab in Edit Trip (to charge single Trips) you are able to process payments for your services.

It is here that when payouts are made to your account you will be able to view the details that make up the payout.

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